ClickDimensions error after importing customisations

If you work with ClickDimensions with Microsoft Dynamics CRM you may or may not have discovered that there is an issue caused by exporting a solution for use in another instance.

ClickDimensions is a wonderful tool that is still one of the best ways to extend the Marketing Module in Dynamics CRM. If you haven’t already investigated the product offering take a look here;

ClickDimensions is delivered as a managed solution in CRM, with a unique key given to the specific organisation it is purchased for, this key is saved to the CRM sitemap when it is installed. If you haven’t edited the sitemap for your CRM instance then this itself isn’t an issue. But what if you have?

Typically customisation of the sitemap isn’t  uncommon, i.e. when you need to create additional navigation areas outside of Sales, Service, Marketing etc. and when this has taken place in a sandbox, you would simply add the sitemap to a solution in the “Client Extensions” area and export it for use in a test or production system.

In this scenario, if you had for instance a sandbox with s licensed version of ClickDimensions, then it would include the account key embedded in the sitemap and it would be imported into the target CRM instance with the rest of the customisations. The resulting error when trying to navigate to your ClickDimensions settings would be something like this;


If you get this error and don’t have a backup of the original sitemap with the correct key, then you can contact the excellent ClickDimensions support team by logging a case here; or if you have made a backup (as you should), you can import the old sitemap back into CRM.

For future updates you then need to make note of the correct account key in the sitemap – you can use a find/search in the customisations.xml file and look for; accountKey=.

Publishing the customisations will update the sitemap and you should be able to navigate to Settings> Extensions > ClickDimensions Settings as normal.

Once you have the unique ID for the organisation used ClickDimensions, you can then and this back in each time you need to export the sitemap from one instance to another by updating the tags in the customisation.xml file prior to import.

Happy CRM’ing.