CRM 2015 online Solution import fails due to Business Rules

Sometimes exporting and importing solutions between instances in CRM can be trickier than expected.

One such instance of this can occur when using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 On Premise – build in particular. You may find that when you attempt to import a solution that has been exported from your sandbox instance that the import fails and you receive and error similar to; Error is 0x80040217 processtrigger With Id = [GUID] Does Not Exist

The Fix:

Basically there are a few different issues that may be fixed by applying subsequent roll-up patches, but if you are stuck for the time being you could solve the problem by opening the Business Rules in your source solution and setting the “scope” to  “All Forms”.

  1. Open your solution
  2. Open the entity with affected Business Rules
  3. Deactivate the Business Rules and change the scope to All Forms
  4. Re-activate the Business Rules
  5. Publish you solution
  6. Export the solution
  7. Import the solution into your target instance

Hope this helps!


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