CRM Online Bandwidth and Latency Diagnostics

How is your CRM Online instance performing?

I’ve been spending a lot of time working with CRM Online lately and was asked by a client if it is possible to see get a handle on the latency/bandwidth against their organisation. This can also be useful as a reference point when prospective ask about latency in CRM Online.

There is a very simple method of returning diagnostic information on your CRM Online instance in a matter of minutes, just adapt the following URL and enter it into your browser;

https://<insert org name>.crm<insert numeral>

So to complete the URL just enter the org’ name from your CRM Online URL and the correct datacentre suffix, so – crm5, crm6 etc. Once you have done so you will be provided with the following screen;


Just click “Run” button and away you go, you can then email or copy out the results underneath.

Hope this helps and happy CRM’ing!


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